Monday, 31 August 2015

Q&A With Izzy K!

If you haven't checked out Izzy K yet you need too! Izzy is full of fun, beauty and life and she is just so relatable and knows how to brighten your day. She really inspired me after seeing her become more and more confident in her videos to get over my fear of talking to a camera and to go for it! Feel inspired with my Q&A with Izzy below!

1. What inspired you to start doing Youtube?
Lot's of things actually inspired me. I've always enjoyed watching youtube but I was way to scared to try making my own videos for about 3 years. Then, I started watching all the big Youtuber's first videos. You can see that they didn't start off perfect but they've grown to be really successful. I just thought that if they can do it and have fun along the way, then there's no reason I can't give it a go.
2. Who are your biggest inspirations and why?
At the moment I would probably have to say Cara Delevingne. She's not afraid to be her self especially in an industry that says you can't be. She's battled her own personal problems and is incredibly talented at every thing she does. I think she shows people, especially young girls, that its ok to be different if you're just being yourself. Other than Cara I would have to say my biggest inspirations are bloggers and YouTubers. I read so many inspiring posts about troubles that people have experienced and how they dealt with them. Most importantly these people offer support to others in the same situation and reassure them that it will get better. I think it's extremely important that they do that.
3. What would you like to achieve with your Youtube Channel in the next few years?
I want to post as many videos as I can. I have a personal goal to make each video I post better than the last because there are always improvements to be made. My absolute dream with Youtube is to reach 1000 subscribers but I think that would take more than a few years to happen!
4. Do you have any weird hidden talents?
I'm a pretty untalented person in most aspects of my life and if anything I'm anti-talented. However, something I've always been able to do is cry on demand. It's not exactly useful but it is fun to do and I can always trick people with it.
5. What helps you when you're feeling down?
When I'm feeling down, the first place I look is Youtube or for some blogs to read. If I'm watching a video, I watch Dan & Phil because they're hilarious and I can always relate to them. When I read blogs, I look for someone inspiring, usually you Rainbow to be honest!
6. If you were to plan a crazy magical adventure, where, who and what would you do?
I'm in the middle of planning an adventure for my gap year but its not exactly going to plan because I'll have to work throughout it to be able to pay for everything, which isn't that exciting. But my dream adventure would be going to Disney World with a group of friends. And then stay there forever!
7. What is your biggest, most wildest dream imaginable?
Since I don't think of much outside the world of blogging or youtube because they are my life, I would have to say reaching either one million subscribers or followers. I know that's unrealistic, but a girl can dream. It would just be cool to imagine that many people seeing something that I put a lot of effort into.
If you haven't already please do subscribe to this awesome, beautiful and talented chick here and you can also check her out at:

If you want to check out the Q&A Izzy did with me click here!
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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Cut!

Over the last 5 months I've been in a cutting phase (the process of maintaining muscle and dropping body fat) prior to this I had spent 9 months on a bulking phase (the process of gaining muscle in which you do also put on some fat too). Over that bulking phase I put on 6kg of both muscle and fat and yes my abs from the left picture disappeared for about a year so I could put on more muscle, if you wish to read and understand more about the process of Bulking and Cutting click here.

By the end of that 9 month bulk I was having to eat 6-7 meals a day and close to 3000 calories to gain weight, my body was struggling to be able to get the food down and you get to this point in bulking where you just feel so bloated, yuck and tired because your body is trying to process it all. After hitting that 9 months I was ready to start a cutting phase which I was beyond excited about, you can check out more about my process of that bulk here.

Being an Ectomorph (hard gainer/petite body size/totally got the little genetics) the bulking/putting on muscle process is a slow, long, hard and eating a ton of food road however when it comes to the cutting process I can lean down pretty easily with minimal cardio (as much as I love it, it just strips muscle off me pretty quick which I don't want) and still be eating a good amount of food, so I have found the last 5 months pretty easy compared to my bulking phase ha!

One thing I did find hard this time was that my trainer had to drill into me is that the cutting process should be slow and tapered just as bulking should be too. In the past because I have to eat so high and I felt gross by the end of my bulks I would go and chop a crap load of food out and add in cardio sessions pretty quickly however this led me to lose a lot of the hard earned muscle that I had just spent gaining. I had 2 failed attempts at my 2nd bulking and cutting process because of this, struggles with injury and just being freaked out with how I felt during bulking (Battling a mental illness that doesn't want you to eat or gain weight has made it brutal at times!). This time I was determined not to fail which meant I had to listen and well it worked! (Thank you Bart if you read this haha)

Over the last 1.3 years I have gained 2-2.5kg of muscle which is pretty good considering it was my 2nd completed bulking and cutting phase and I'm an ectomorph. The 1st year you do a bulk, with proper training, nutrition and rest, you get newbie muscle gains which come a lot quicker, if you're also blessed with good muscle building genetics like I am not then you'll be on a damn good roll however if you are coming from an underweight background you'll also gain some muscle pretty easily too! After that it slows down a lot and it becomes harder to gain muscle. From what I've read online and talked to some people about the amount of muscle you can gain each time you do a proper bulk basically halves. If doing the bulking/cutting properly in about 4-5 years you'll be hitting or pretty close to your genetic potential of the max amount of muscle you can gain naturally.

I would like to point out in the photos above that abs can be funny wee things, unless you are super shredded which often doesn't equal healthy, abs can be poppin' out one day and kind of hiding the next this can all be down to the effects of carbs, water, sodium, if your pumped up from training, tans and lighting and posing. 

Here is what my training routine and nutrition was like during my cut, this is what worked for me and my body... everyone is different and this exact way will most likely not work for you. If you are interested in building muscle, losing weight, building strength or endurance I highly recommend seeing a Personal Trainer so they can help you with your training and nutrition.

Monday: Lower Body
Tuesday: Upper Body
Wednesday: 20 minutes HIIT training (Added in the last 2 months before that was 20 minutes light cardio)
Thursday: Lower Body
Friday: 20 minutes light cardio/rest
Saturday: Upper Body
Sunday: 20 minutes Abs/rest

(Keep in mind that I'm vegetarian and this is what my nutrition currently looks like, my diet has been very slowly tapered down over the last 5 months from what I posted in The Bulk post and my percentage of carbs, protein and fats also changed which is posted at the bottom.)

Pre workout:
1/3 cup oats
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup frozen raspberries
1 Tbsp. peanut butter
4 egg whites
1 Cup yoghurt

Post workout:
400mls milk
1 scoop whey protein
1/4 cup quinoa (raw measurement)

Meal 3:
5 egg whites + 1 whole egg
1 cup mushrooms
1 carrot
1/2 cup green capsicum
1 wholegrain wrap

Meal 4:
1 scoop whey protein
9 almonds
1 cup pumpkin

Meal 5:
5 egg whites
1 cup broccoli
2 cups spinach
9 almonds
1/3 cup oats

Calories: 2000
Carbs: 225 grams 45%
Protein: 178 grams 35%

Fats: 45 grams 20%

With love
Rainbow :) xoxo

Monday, 24 August 2015

It Gets Better!

Surprise! I've decided to join the YouTube community!

I've wanted to join the YouTube community for a while but I'm sure a lot of you can relate to feeling awkward talking to and seeing yourself on camera and I'm definitely no exception to that, I even at times struggle with talking to people in real life but after many attempts last year and many other attempts this year to sit and talk to a camera I've decide to try again and let it be what it is.

Marianne talked about doing something you're not good at during her self love week this really resonated with me, sometimes we need to be ok at not being that great at something and sometimes we need to be not that great at something to become good at it. I've also been really inspired by Izzy K (There might just be a special blog post coming up featuring her so stay tuned and check her out) and watching her become more and more confident in her YouTube videos. So thank you for being who you wonderful and beautiful women are and inspiring me!. I also have to say thank you to Crystal and Kim for your constant support and inspiration and to anyone who follows or reads my blog, it means a lot! 

Do a squat for every time I say "you know", that squat booty will be yours in no time ha! ;)

With love
Rainbow :) xoxo